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  Changzhou HiTec Electronics Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

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  Changzhou HiTec Electronics Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

HTronics History

ChangZhou HiTec Electronic Manufacture Co., Ltd. (HTronics) is one of the leading professional manufacturers based in ChangZhou, JiangSu, China.
Since 1990, we have been specializing in the production of Audio/Video cables and connector;
Since 1998, we put into production tour articles, including cooler bags; camping tents; ice bags, etc;
From 2001, we specialized in the thermoelectric cooling technology, mainly including thermoelectric cooler & warmer box; Thermoelectric Refrigerator; wine cooler, etc;
HTronic develops many new products every year, please concerns with our website:

Manufacturing Partner

With over 15 years of manufacturing experience, Htronics Strongly believes in not just fulfilling orders, but understanding our customers applications & requirements. This allows us to make suggestions that insure the inherent quality of your products, allow for "Cost Down" savings, while accompanying Htronics"Cuality Up"requirements. Due to the high volume of products manufactured by our factories, we are able to receive exceptional pricing when procuring materials. These saving are passed on to you-the customers. We excel by adhering to the highest standards of quality, maintaining a highly trained and motivated work force with low turnover. When coupled with an established qualified components supplier base, we are able to develop a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship with our customers. Close working relationships, field visits and surveys to Htronics manufacturing plants allow our customers to understand the manufacturing process, testing procedures and all quality assurance activities.

ODM/OEM Capabilities

We have a quick turnaround time for sampling and mass production, depending on your need. Our modern facilities, and R&D teams work within a rigid international manufacturing standard. This enables us to quickly and efficiently bring quality products to you when and where you need, while still providing competitive prices.

Welcome to Htronics

We welcome all kinds of cooperation from all over the world!
Thanks a lot to the permanent supports from all of our valued customers!

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